About Us

The Smart College – the latest initiative

The City School has a solid legacy of providing top quality education to successive generations since 1978,  with a vision of making quality education accessible to all cross-sections of society.

Following the remarkable success of The Smart School, the Group is now launching a franchise-based network of Colleges to provide educational opportunities to the middle income strata of our society. With its distinctive benefits, The Smart College will serve as a link between Secondary and Higher Education. A large number of students are deprived of the opportunity to gain admission to quality, renowned institutions due to the shortage of such Colleges in Pakistan. The Smart College fills this gap by providing top quality education and offering an opportunity to  students to secure an authentic and reliable certification or degree to pursue their chosen career path.

Along with academic excellence, we inculcate critical thinking through curricular and co-curricular activities, and instil in students the desire to become lifelong learners. To maximise their potential, we offer the students a standardised curriculum with well-structured co-curricular activities—such as tutorials, seminars, symposiums, debates, reading clubs, field trips, sports competitions and many other innovative initiatives. We l also provide e-learning competency through blended learning, our website, web portal.

We are living in the age of innovation and technology. To keep pace with the modern world, we  have introduced a state-of-the-art student management system to maintain records for each student and to provide updated information to parents regarding their students’ performance, attendance and results.

We look forward to a very close continuing liaison between parents, faculty and The Smart College management.


  • Educate for life
  • Nurture ambition and leadership
  • Promote tolerance, justice and respect for all
  • Encourage teamwork and respect individuality
  • Promote pride and confidence and self-esteem in one’s own ability
  • Motivate students in pursuit of a high standard of academic achievement and critical thinking by providing a varied range of learning experiences and teaching excellence
  • Work in partnership with parents in the promotion of the overall good of the student, acknowledging the role of parents as the primary mentor of the child.

Our Ethos

The Smart College serves  society and the community by working in partnership with them. We want to provide education of the highest quality within the context of patriotic and religious beliefs, practices, and understanding of shared values. As a College, we celebrate the diversity of the wider community and are committed to the principles of inclusion and equality of opportunity. Through this, we endorse the aim of education for all, whatever their background or circumstances, and the support they need to make a positive contribution, stay healthy and safe, enjoy themselves and flourish.

Our Values

Develop self-respect and respect for others. Promote inclusion.
Value friendship as fundamental to the development and fulfilment of self and others.
Take responsibility for the way we lead our lives: how we use our talents, rights and opportunities.
Maintain a “Can Do” attitude and aspire to achieve goals.
Show care and concern, and exercise goodwill towards others.


The Smart College’s vision reflectsg a passionate commitment to learning and recognition of the uniqueness of individual learners.

We are driven by our desire to offer the best possible education for our students in association with parents, the community and our enlightened partners.


To create a caring, disciplined and patriotic environment where the students and the staff reach their full potential.


Nurture – Believe – Discover – Achieve