The Smart College Inauguration Press Conference

MOU signed between The Smart College and PFL
May 18, 2016

The Smart College Inauguration Press Conference

The City School, one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with 195 schools in 54 cities and an international presence in six countries, announced the launch of its latest venture ‘The Smart College.’ The franchise-based network of colleges will provide educational opportunities to the middle income strata of society. This new endeavour stems from the extremely successful franchise network ‘The Smart School’, initiated by the company in 2012.

With its unique advantages, this project will serve as a link between secondary and higher education. Due to the dearth of quality colleges in Pakistan, a number of students are unable to gain admission into renowned institutions. The Smart College will fill this gap by providing quality education and offering an opportunity to students to secure the degree they need to pursue for their chosen career path.

After its initial launch in the South, the project will be expanded to the rest of the country with the aim of offering quality education in every city and town. This is a huge opportunity for willing investors to join a franchise that is founded on strength of purpose, high standards and the support of an established and thriving network.

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