Why The Smart College?

Why The Smart College? Theme and way forward

Originating from a legacy of excellence and capitalising on the decades of experience of The City Group in the field of education, The Smart SchoolEducation System (Private) Limited has developed a diversified network of high quality educational institutions throughout the country, offering multiple choices for career planning and personality development. The Smart College is an extension of this philosophy. Keeping the prevalent conditions in the education sector in mind, our broad-based vision is to:

A: Stay abreast of the latest developments in global education curricula and adapt the same to our own national and cultural context.

B: Introduce a system tailored to produce highly constructive and positive effects on society by assimilating international standards within our socio-cultural framework.

C: The standardisation of curriculum, staff development, evaluation and monitoring, and academic methodology  is a  great strength of The Smart College.

D: Provide top class education at an affordable cost.

E: Train the teachers on modern lines through professional development courses and distinctive learning programmes.

F: Offer harmonious combinations oflocal, international, traditional and modernteaching and learning approaches.

G: Provide every student with opportunities for personal development and social  development through co-curricular activities.

An exceptional career counselling programme is our most important promise to our students, together with our commitment to facilitate placements in professional institutions in the country and across the globe. We are in close contact with universities and reputable educational institutions to take this initiative forward.


The Smart College follows a systematic programme of monitoring and evaluations of its campuses. The College is evaluated against pre-determined standards at regular intervals by a trained team of evaluators. Results from the entire network are collected and compiled centrally to identify areas for improvements and action.

Quality Assurance

The Smart College management and operations are adapted to conform to international quality certification standards. We are one of the few systems in Pakistan to do so conscientiously. Quality assurance ensures that physical parameters governing The Smart College establishment and the network partners are carefully maintained, and special consideration is given to health, safety and environment for the benefit of students, staff and the general public coming in contact with the College.

Quality assurance ensures implementation of standard College operating specifications and procedures through well-prepared manuals.

A regular system of audit and evaluation ensures that operation specifications are followed for effective school operations and academic outcomes. Special emphasis is laid on the standardised College management and academic processes.